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Unique New Website launched by Deaf Lawyers UK

A brand new website – – has been launched to look at issues relating to Deaf lawyers, as well as Deaf issues within the legal system.

The website was set up by a group of Deaf solicitors, barristers, law students and people trying to qualify as lawyers. It aims to respond to access issues, publicise specialised information and raise awareness of issues Deaf people face within the legal system. The site also aims to bring Deaf lawyers together, and to reach out to others who may not be aware of their rights.

Due to lack of access and understanding of our needs, the number of Deaf people trying to access the legal profession in the UK has been fairly
small. As well as this, there is no way for British Deaf people to get
access to independent information about relevant Deaf legal issues. includes a Deaf Blawg, which is an online journal, to be updated regularly. Written by Deaf people, the Blawg will raise and discuss issues outlined above, as well as providing regular comments by Deaf people on Deaf legal access in the mainstream culture.

The website is gathering support from Deaf lawyers internationally. Henry Vlug, a Deaf Lawyer from Canada, said, “I am truly impressed. The website has already pointed me to the UK Equal Treatment book, which I have downloaded and passed onto the British Columbia Law Society Equality Committee, to see if they could do something similar.” Meanwhile, Sheila Conlon-Mentkowski, Chief of the statewide California Client Assistance Program, Sacramento stated, “This website is very thoroughly researched and is rich in resources from different aspects of the law as relevant to the UK experience. I congratulate our UK deaf legal professionals and colleagues in setting up and maintaining an excellent law related site.”

Additional support has come from the British Deaf Association. Its Chair, Doug Alker commented, “The BDA welcomes this initiative, and sees it as a significant step forward towards Deaf lawyers having involvement and influence in Deaf legal issues.” highlights the potential, professionalism and depth of Deaf talent in the UK that is still not recognised at the beginning of the 21st century. This group of Deaf solicitors, barristers, law students, decided to strike out on their own to help to make the law and the legal system accessible for British Deaf people.

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Notes to Editors:
1. The website can be found online at and the direct link to the Deaf Blawg:
2. For further information on this project, please email: [email protected].
3. The term ‘Deaf’ is capitalised to mean all deaf people, to indicate positive affirmation of their identity; and as a celebration of individual and collective talent.

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