After securing a lipspeaker for a training contract (tc) interview (iv) tomorrow at such short notice, I was just thinking how difficult it can be for Deafies to book communication support at such short notice. How many Deafies have had to cancel or lose out on opportunities for this reason? What would have happened if I couldn’t go to the iv because of lack of communication support? What redress would I have under the DDA 1995? Would I be able to challenge anyone? Probably not. Perhaps the interviewers if they refused to postpone the iv. Wouldn’t postponing the iv make my application less favourable to them?

More to the point, why do interpreters (terps) have so much power over Deafies? If they don’t turn up for bookings, there is very little redress. I know one instance where a Deafie was booked to have an operation on the NHS; terp didn’t turn up, so operation was postponed for a further 4 MONTHS. How ridiculous is that? Don’t terps realise that they’re playing with Deafies’ lives? FFS.

Deafies need to get their act together and fight for more accountability from communication support agencies.

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