“I’m sorry, I’m deaf”

I’m Deaf right? I absolutely abhor it when people go “Oh, I’m sorry” when I tell them I’m Deaf. I tend to avoid telling people I’m Deaf unless I really have to.

A case in point: I was on the London Underground yesterday at Edgware Road (waiting for a Hammersmith & City Line train to go to Royal Oak – how irregular are they?!). This chap came up to me asking me something, but he was virtually impossible to lipread, and eventually, I said “I’m sorry, I’m deaf, I don’t understand you”.

Why do I automatically say that every time? What do I have to be sorry for? It’s not my fault that they’re not speaking clearly in the first place! When I said I was Deaf, he just gave me this look of … what was it, pity? … and I felt like screaming. I’m quite happy the way I am, it’s HIM with the problem not me. If he can’t be bothered to speak clearly or employ other methods of communication with me, then it becomes HIS problem. I was quite happy to just carry on waiting for my H&C train without anyone bothering me.

The general populace is just so thick. It just astounds me what kind of shit we all have to put up with.

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