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Compared to non-existent rights for Deaf people in the 1900s, has much changed? We used to be thrown in mental asylums because we were unable to communicate effectively, sign language was seen as a threat to our “normality” and ability to speak, if a deaf child was lucky (sic) enough to be educated, it was usually shit and very oralist.

Fast forward to the 21st century, the only difference seems to be that we’re not thrown in mental asylums any more (although I’m sure it still happens when a frustrated Deaf person who can’t communicate with hearing people and has no access to education, language or the Deaf community). The rest still exists. Audiologists continue to inflict the opinion on parents of Deaf children that sign language is a no no, and education is still very oralist, with Deaf schools having been shut down and mainstreaming is becoming more prevalent.

It’s articles like these that make my blood boil:

When are Deaf people gonna get some respect, equal opportunities and above all, NO discrimination?

Another thing that makes my blood boil is the Deaf community’s passivism. I’m one of them. I don’t do enough to challenge the attitudes I come across either. But if we all did, then perhaps, just perhaps, things would start to change.

Or is it a case of, “and pigs might fly!”?

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