Being Deaf


Deaf, hubby to Rachel, dad to Corey, Libby and Emily, Solicitor, Lecturer in Legal Practice at University of South Wales, PhD student at University of Leicester.

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7 Responses

  1. MM says:

    I just keep my hands in my pockets, sorted 🙂

  2. Spencer says:

    Nice and to the point Rob. I agree, people often take first impressions or indeed strongest perception of someone – it’s hard not to I imagine for a hearing person who may not have met a deaf person before, that fact is unique and stands out and is memorable to them. But I guess your point is the continued ongoing prioritising of the stand out feature (deaf, wheelchair, lisp, eye colour, hair colour) above the substance of what you do and who you are?

    I’m intersted to know some more about this. As a solicitor does your deafness help or hinder you in your job when it comes to working with other people/attracting clients?

    I’ve been running some marketing sessions for small businesses and we encourage businesses to stand out, be bold, be different – it helps potential customers remember you and ultimatley sets you up to be in the running for when they look for your type of services.

    So, does your uniqueness (a solicitor who is deaf, or a deaf solicitor) help you stand out in business?

    Are you happy to stand out for this reason?

    I see examples (self named ‘Wheelchair Steve from, interested to know if others may take this approach in their businesses or work place?

  3. Rob says:

    Ah-ha. There you go, MM. You’re doing it too. Deaf = BSL. You’re assuming I always use BSL. FYI, I’m oral too.

  4. Some more food for thought! 🙂 great post…
    Am still in my deaf box – at the moment, the sides seem to be too high for me to climb out, and that’s not because I am deaf, it’s because I have short legs!!!!!

  5. Shaney says:

    thats really interesting.

    I am often annoyed with some of my hearing mates – they know that im deaf myself but when referring to my deaf mates, they ll say “oh your mates, you know, the ones who are deaf” or something like that – as if they are a different species – then I go and remind them that I am deaf as well, they ll always say “I know, but youre not deaf you know?”


  6. capyboppy says:

    That’s cos you’re a one off Shaney;-)

  7. travis says:

    Great post.

    I’m hard of hearing, if you want to put a label on it. I do hear some conversation but I don’t “understand” usually, unless I am lip reading.
    I used BSL (with speech) this week in work (which I never do because I am only learning it) but I have not been well which affects my hearing so I had been signing in the evenings to give me a rest.
    I don’t think until I did that people in work noticed my deafness outwardly. and I can see its got their brains ticking. It has made me terribly self conscious. I know I have to grow a thicker skin. But more often than not it is the heard of hearing thing that sticks.

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