The lawyers trying to give deaf people a hearing


Deaf, hubby to Rachel, dad to Corey, Libby and Emily, Solicitor, Lecturer in Legal Practice at University of South Wales, PhD student at University of Leicester.

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4 Responses

  1. MM says:

    rwilks A shame, as deaf/disabled severely under-represented in legal profession, IMO.

    Like, how much time do YOU spend in Wales representing deaf here ? I thought you worked in England !

  2. Rob says:

    Actually, FYI, I’m based in Cardiff full time with regular trips to London. I have and do advise Deaf people who live in Wales.

  3. MM says:

    Read Byddar Cymmru and see what is really happening here ! Deaf haven’t got off their arse in 5 years here. You should be suing the ass off the Senedd for rights violations….

  4. Rob Wilks says:

    MM, I can’t sue the Senedd off my own bat. I need clients with real cases to be able to do so.

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