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Deaf, hubby to Rachel, dad to Corey, Libby and Emily, Solicitor, Lecturer in Legal Practice at University of South Wales, PhD student at University of Leicester.

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  1. MM says:

    I live 2 miles from your office, and I can tell you there is no system of real access for the BSL user or indeed any other means we use for communication too. You need to know we at the business end daily battle to get ANY access to any primary health care area, be it GPs, hospitals, as they all operate independently from each other we fight each as and when.

    Also all appointments are being ‘centralised’ in Gwent to Pontypridd. The access there is a box number or, an mobile number that won’t accept text calls ! The result of that centralisation was a deaf woman here being not able to have an important scan to ascertain if her sight was deteriorating. To date,neither her GP NOR the primary care trust in Gwent has been able,to contact Pontypridd themselves.

    There is no published contact area for deaf/HI support in Gwent. The new information Centre 50 yards from your office has no deaf access…… Why our GP’s and primary care areas simply note we are deaf beats me. It should be mandatory that a patient that obviously requires comms support has this on all their notes, and NO appointment is made unless an qualified communicator is in attendance, that also means I challenge you as a lawyer to accept they must REFUSE to allow family to do that.

    Only be Primary care areas being forced to provide, will we get what we need, using a family as support takes away that need, and using own kids as unpaid and untrained support is ludicrous.

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