A new era

Welcome to North of the Stupid Line.

The posts on this blog actually date back to 10 January 2001, which means that at the time of writing this post, I have been blogging for over 13 years.

In recent months, a number of astonishing changes have happened in my life, which I felt warranted a change in how North of the Stupid Line was structured:-

Consequently, I decided it was time for some changes, including a new look, a more visually-appealing layout, and a new focus for North of the Stupid Line.  Instead of being a personal journal-type blog with the occasional ramble and personal updates, I decided that North of the Stupid Line would become an outlet for my work in the law (through Law Wilks), my research (for the PhD) and my thoughts and reflections on Deaf issues.

To that end, I have moved all the old journal-type posts into a new Archive, retaining some the more legal/academic/Deaf-related posts here.

I hope you find the new-style blog interesting and useful for your own reflections and interests, and I hope you find all my old stuff amusing.

Here’s to the next 13 years.


Deaf, hubby to Rachel, dad to Corey, Libby and Emily, Solicitor, Lecturer in Legal Practice at University of South Wales, PhD student at University of Leicester.

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