Current Projects

In this section of the website, you can see a list of all the projects that Rob is working on.

Current projects

  • Dissemination of doctoral research

  • Developing Deaf Legal Theory | Project Website

  • Deaf Education in Scotland and Wales (with Rachel O’Neill, University of Edinburgh) | Project Website

  • EmployDeaf: employment opportunities for deaf people in the UK (with Dr Dai O'Brien, York St John University)

  • Deaf Criminal Justice (with Professor Jemina Napier and Dr Robert Skinner, Heriot Watt University)

  • DeafOrg: NGO representation of the deaf community in the UK (with Elizabeth Bailey, University of York)

  • The impact of sign language recognition in the UK and Ireland

  • British Sign Language Glossary of Curriculum for Wales (with Welsh Government)

Research interests

Rob has a wide range of research interests, which can be found in the graphic below, although he is focusing on some more than others at present.

If you have any queries or ideas, please feel free to contact me.